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The Two-Factor Authentication Process for Nsight Plus

Recently, FSA announced a new security requirement to further protect school and borrower data. The system, called Two-Factor Authentication, is a program from Symantec™ that offers strengthened Account Validation and ID Protection.

The reason it’s called “Two-Factor” Authentication is because there are two steps to securely log in to your account. The first step is simply entering the username/password combo that you already use. The second step is entering a security code that can be obtained using either:

This second security token factor is another way to make sure that your online identity is always safe, and that the information you view when logged in is transmitted securely.

Your VIP Security Token is also versatile: The digital token can be used among all approved servicer sites, and the physical token can be used among all approved servicer sites and on all FSA sites (NSLDS, COD, etc.).

How it Works: A Video on Two-Factor Authentication


Have more questions on Two-Factor Authentication? Visit Symantec’s FAQ page for more info. 

You can also call our School Service Center at 866.463.5638 to learn more.