Nelnet expands loan servicing offerings to meet demands of fintech lenders


To help further educate you and your students, we’ve designed a library of helpful PDFs, videos, and recorded webinars that cover a wide range of financial aid topics.

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Default Prevention

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Avoiding Delinquency and Default
This PDF provides four easy ways for borrowers with loans serviced by Nelnet to contact us in order to avoid delinquency or default.
Understanding Deferment and Forbearance
This PDF provides borrowers with detailed information on deferments and forbearances.
Understanding Delinquency and Default
This PDF provides borrowers with definitions and consequences of delinquency and default. It also includes a section where they can record their servicers’ contact information.
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Financial Literacy

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Budget Strategies
Sometimes, the best intentions for saving money aren’t good enough. Capitalize on your student’s desire to save by introducing them to the budgeting strategies PDF. They’ll learn valuable tips that will help them save money for the long run.
Budgeting Worksheet
Budgeting can be difficult for students. Help them get on the right track by giving them an interactive budgeting worksheet. This itemized document will help students organize and calculate their expenses and income to create a reasonable budget for their future.
Credit Card Tips
Credit cards can help establish and improve credit scores if they’re used properly. They can also damage credit scores if you don’t know what you’re doing. Students can use the tips in this PDF to help them properly manage a credit card.
Financial Goals Worksheet
Healthy financial habits start by setting sound financial goals. This worksheet will help students set up to three financial goals while also identifying any risk that could interfere.
Financial Wellness Tips
This PDF provides students with nine great tips on achieving financial wellness, including finding out where their money goes, developing a budget, planning for retirement, protecting credit, and more.
Identity Theft Tips
Identity theft can take years to recover from. Encourage your students to keep their identity safe with helpful tips that are available in the identity theft PDF.
Live Life Smart Guide
Our Live Life Smart Guide is here to help you prepare your students with money-saving strategies, budget worksheets, loan repayment information, tips for avoiding delinquency, and more. Use this guide to assist with your entrance and exit counseling.
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Loan Repayment

Description Downloads
10 Things to Know About Student Loans
Borrowers should feel confident in their knowledge of student loans, so we’ve created a colorful infographic outlining 10 important things they should be aware of for a positive student-loan experience.
Income-Driven Repayment Plans
This PDF outlines each of our Income-Driven Repayment Plans, as well as what borrowers should consider when picking the plan that’s right for them.
Interest Rate Flyer
This chart covers Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS Loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2021 and prior to July 1, 2022.
Loan Repayment Plan Comparison
This PDF spells out eligibility, loan terms, advantages, and other good-to-know details.
Military Student Loan Benefits
To honor those who serve our country, we offer special benefits and repayment options in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Defense. This PDF outlines these benefits, and provides tips for borrowers who are in active-duty or deployed.
Nelnet: What Borrowers Need to Know
This PDF is a succinct, one-page overview of everything Nelnet borrowers need to know. It covers the definition of a servicer, steps new borrowers need to take, when and how to make payments, repayment plan options, and more. Nelnet contact information is also included, making it the ultimate go-to resource for student borrowers.
Servicer Contact Information Sheet
With this handy sheet, borrowers can keep all of their important student loan information in one place, including servicer contact information, account numbers, loan amounts, and more.
Standard Loan Repayment Estimates
The following charts will help you estimate the repayment amount of a student loan. One chart is for loans of up to $100,000, and the other is for loans of more than $100,000.
Student Loan Definitions
Many industry terms surround student loans. End the confusion and get the inside scoop on what students and schools really need to know.
Student Loan Repayment Plans
There are many flexible repayment options available for student loans. Use this PDF to help students choose the right repayment option for their unique financial situation.
Student Loan Type Comparison
This student loan program flyer compares different types of student loans, eligibility requirements, interest rates, loan limits, details, and more.
The Life of a Student Loan
Download this infographic overview of what students need to know about borrowing money for school.
Time Limitation on Direct Subsidized Loan Eligibility
This PDF gives an overview of the new time limitations for Direct Subsidized Loan eligibility, as well as which borrowers are affected. It also provides a snapshot of situations in which borrowers are responsible for paying the interest on their Direct Subsidized Loans.
Understanding Repayment
When it’s time for students to start paying back their student loans, it’s important they understand details like how they can make a payment, when their payment is due, and how Nelnet can help them have the best student loan experience possible. Check out this PDF for helpful information about preparing for repayment.
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Other Borrower Resources

Description Downloads
Job Interview Guidelines and Standards
Getting an interview is an important first step for graduates. Help your students get an edge over the competition by sharing our top ten interview dos and don’ts.
Resume Guidelines and Standards
A resume is the first contact your graduates will have with a potential employer. Help your students find out what a resume should and should not be with our concise resume overview.
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Default Prevention

Description Downloads
Default Prevention and Reduction Plan
When your school begins to formulate a plan on how to reduce and prevent loan default, we can help. Download our Default Prevention and Reduction Plan template to get started.
Delinquent Borrower Communication Summary
This document highlights some of the emails and letters we send to delinquent borrowers in an effort to help them get current on their loans. These particular communication samples are sent to borrowers in early-stage, mid-stage, and late-stage delinquency.
Entrance Counseling Checklist
Use this helpful checklist during entrance counseling to educate borrowers about their student loans.
Exit Counseling Checklist
Use this helpful checklist during exit counseling to educate borrowers about their student loans.
What to Do Before, During, and After Default Prevention Calls
When calling borrowers who are in danger of defaulting, there are lots of simple things you can do before, during, and after these calls to make sure you’re as prepared and thorough as possible. View our one-page tip sheet for more information.
What to Say During Default Prevention Calls
We know it’s tough to connect with past-due borrowers—that's why we’ve created an easy-to-follow call script/flow chart with language you can use to make your default prevention calls as successful as possible.
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Nelnet Loan Services

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Email Encryption Guide
Your online security is important to us, so we’re doing everything we can to protect your information. To learn how to read encrypted emails from Nelnet, follow the instructions laid out in our Cisco Encryption Guide.
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Nsight Plus Skip Report Guide
Nsight Plus gives you the benefit of running Skip Tracing Reports. To learn how to run reports and get the most out of their data, read our simple and straightforward guide.
School Authorization for Release of Information to Vendor
This form should be completed by the school and returned to Nelnet. Please be sure to complete all requested information to help ensure timely processing of the request.
Vendor Remote Access Agreement
This form should be completed by the vendor and returned to Nelnet. Please be sure to complete all requested information to help ensure timely processing of the request. Note: if vendor has returned a completed agreement form to Nelnet in the past, they do not need to submit another one. A separate form is not needed for each school access.
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Financial Literacy

Description Downloads
Budgeting 101
This session offers information on why budgeting is important and how to get started.
Financial Literacy – Teaching You to Live Life Smart
This webinar covers topics including financial literacy, loan repayment, default management, and leaving school.
Personal Finance
This presentation covers financial goals, budgeting, savings, borrowing responsibly, and much more.
Saving and Investing
This webinar provides tips on setting financial goals and a better understanding of savings, investments, and ROI.
Understanding Credit Cards
This session details credit card terminology, pros and cons of credit cards, healthy strategies for using credit cards, and much more.
Understanding Credit Scores and Preventing Identity Theft
This presentation provides a basic understanding of credit scores and who can view them. It also details score ranges and their impact on financial opportunities, plus it provides tips on avoiding credit fraud and identity theft.
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Professional Development

Description Downloads
Are You an Effective Leader?
Examine your leadership characteristics with this presentation. You'll learn about leadership versus management, leadership behaviors, charismatic versus transformational leadership, leadership principles, and more.
Exceptional Customer Service
How would you rate your office's customer service? This presentation offers tips on how to push your customer service from good to great, and beyond.
Leadership Learning Moments
This webinar details how you can increase your leadership skills through the ways you react to everyday events.
Leading Change
This presentation offers tips on transition, with best practices for motivating, communicating with, and training your team in the midst of change.
Managing the Moment: Conflict Resolution
This presentation offers best practices for resolving conflict.
Tap Into Technology
Find out how college students use social media and how you can use it to connect with your students. 
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Borrower Videos & Tutorials
We want borrowers to have the best student loan experience possible; that’s why we’ve created several video tutorials to help them navigate through the process.
Nsight Plus Video
Nsight Plus presents student loan data in a user-friendly dashboard format. These enhancements, among others, provide a better experience for Nsight users. To learn more about what Nsight Plus has to offer, please watch this short video.
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Deferment and Forbearance Forms
If your students are considering deferment or forbearance, you can find all necessary forms here to assist them.
Income-Driven Repayment Forms
If your borrowers are struggling to make their monthly payment, let them know they have options! Just have them fill out and send in the following form if they want to apply for Income-Based, Pay As You Earn, or Income-Contingent Repayment.
Reaffirmation Agreement
If your students need a Reaffirmation Agreement, you can find the form, complete with Nelnet's address and contact information embedded, here.
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